Should You Neuter Your Dog?


If your new unneutered dog misbehaves or acts in a way that isn't appropriate in front of your guests, you may wonder if they'll calm down once they become older. Although some unneutered dogs can become better as they age, many don't. You may need to neuter your dog to change their poor behavior. Learn how neutering helps dogs and why you may need to neuter your puppy below.

How Does Neutering Help Dogs? 

Many pet owners don't like the idea of neutering their dogs. The owners may fear harming their pets or reducing their lifespans. However, neutering isn't bad overall. In most cases, neutering can suppress a dog's unwanted behavior as well as keep them safe from cancer and other life-changing health problems.   

Neutering is the process of surgically sterilizing a dog by removing their testes or by reducing the amount of reproductive hormones they produce in their lifetime. Depending on their size and breed, male dogs can become sexually and reproductively mature between six months and three years old. Smaller breeds tend to mature faster than larger breeds. 

Dogs that retain their testes or have high hormone levels can exhibit unwanted behavior over time, such as uncontrolled humping, roaming, barking, and aggression. Dog owners may become frustrated with their pets due to their behavior.

Unneutered dogs may also be at risk for testicular cancer, prostate cancer, and other health issues over time. The cancers can reduce the lifespans of unneutered pets. However, the risk of cancer decreases in neutered dogs. The dogs may also live longer than unneutered dogs. 

If you think neutering your dog will help curb or prevent their unwanted behavior, visit a veterinarian soon.

How and When Should You Neuter Your Puppy?

A veterinarian can neuter your dog but only if they show signs of sexual and reproductive maturity. A veterinarian may also consider the growth and development of your dog's bones before they neuter them. The hormones created by the testes help ensure your pet's bones grow strong and properly. For orthopedic problems, a veterinarian may recommend you wait to neuter your dog until their bones mature.

If your dog's bones are mature, a veterinarian will proceed with the treatment. A veterinarian will administer a sedative to your pet to keep them calm during the procedure. Afterward, a veterinarian will complete the procedure.

Call a veterinarian and request more information about neuter treatment soon. 


21 June 2023

Finding Help Early

For years, I wanted to fill my home with happy animals. When I got married, my spouse wanted a pet just as much as I did, and it was great to start looking for pets together. We were able to find a rescue animal who worked well with our budget and our lifestyle, and it was neat to give that sweet animal a home. However, after we brought the pet into our home, we realized that he needed some medical care. We turned to a veterinarian for advice on his medical health, and we worked on getting him completely vaccinated. Check out this blog for more information on finding help early.