What Treatments And Healthcare Might A Stray Cat Need?


If you find a stray cat, there are a few different things you could do. You could take it to the local humane society or cat rescue. Or, if you're confident the cat's owner cannot be found, you could choose to keep the stray cat and make it your own. Should you choose to keep the cat, you will want to make a prompt appointment with your veterinarian and make sure the cat is brought up to date on its healthcare.

6 October 2021

Underweight Dog? Your Vet May Suggest These Changes


Every time you take your dog to the local veterinary clinic for a routine checkup, you can expect that the vet will weigh the dog and compare its weight to past appointments. Ideally, your pet will be of a healthy weight, but if this isn't the case, the vet can help. While some pets need to lose weight, there can be times that a dog is actually underweight. You might feel uncertain about what to do in this situation, but your vet will offer some valuable tips that you can begin to employ.

16 August 2021

Why Is Your Dog Choking All Of The Time And What Can You Do?


If your dog is choking all the time, it can be difficult to watch. Your dog could be choking on all types of things, although if your dog didn't ingest anything and is still choking, there could be something wrong with your dog's health, or there may be something inside your dog's throat. If your dog is choking but it isn't producing anything, you need to take your dog to the veterinarian for an exam and for a checkup to see what may be going on.

23 June 2021

What to Expect After Your Pet's Vaccination


Vaccinations keep your cat or dog healthy and help ensure they lead a long life. The following are a few things to expect after a vaccination appointment.  Lethargy Lethargy following routine vaccinations is perfectly normal for both dogs and cats. Provide your pet with a nice, quiet place to rest following their appointment. A soft pet bed in a quiet room where other household members, including other pets and children, won't bother them is ideal.

22 April 2021