3 Signs Your Cat Needs To See The Cat Dentist


Chances are, you go to the dentist regularly to keep your teeth healthy and strong — or at least, you know you should. But did you know that there are also dentists who work on cats' teeth? Technically, cat dentists are veterinarians, but veterinarians who have completed additional coursework and certifications focusing on feline oral health and feline dental procedures.

Does your cat need to see the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning? Not usually. But you should make an appointment with the cat dentist if any of the following are true.

1. Your cat is five years old or older.

Many cats start to develop dental issues around the age of five. So if your cat has reached this age, it is a good idea to make them an appointment with a dentist even if they are not displaying any of the symptoms below. There could be an issue that is not causing symptoms yet, and the dentist could catch it. The dentist will also give your cat anesthesia and take x-rays of their teeth, allowing them to see if anything is amiss with their tooth roots. Finally, they will clean the teeth, removing plaque and tartar from your cat's gumline. This will help prevent dental problems as your cat continues to age. 

2. Your cat has been struggling to eat.

Has your cat started to refuse their dry food, only eating wet food? Maybe your cat drops a lot of food, or perhaps they only eat a few bites at a time. This almost certainly indicates that your cat is dealing with dental pain of some sort. It is tough to know whether it is due to a loose tooth, a damaged tooth root, or something else entirely, but the cat dentist will figure that out.

3. Your cat has bad breath.

Cats with healthy teeth do not typically have smelly breath. If your cat has bad breath, they likely have a rotting tooth or some pretty serious gum disease. Both require professional care. You can use breath freshening sprays or feed a breath-freshening cat food in the meantime, but this mostly covers up the problem. Only a cat dentist can solve the underlying issue.

Cat dentists play an important role in keeping your feline companion healthy. If your cat is age five or older, is struggling to eat, or has bad breath, make an appointment soon.


7 August 2020

Finding Help Early

For years, I wanted to fill my home with happy animals. When I got married, my spouse wanted a pet just as much as I did, and it was great to start looking for pets together. We were able to find a rescue animal who worked well with our budget and our lifestyle, and it was neat to give that sweet animal a home. However, after we brought the pet into our home, we realized that he needed some medical care. We turned to a veterinarian for advice on his medical health, and we worked on getting him completely vaccinated. Check out this blog for more information on finding help early.