What To Do If Your Dog Won't Eat


Most dogs love to eat. Any dog lover can tell you that any unattended food is likely to get stolen by a hungry pup. That's why it's such a cause for concern when a dog stops eating. It's natural to be worried, but your dog's lack of appetite isn't always a sign of illness. Here are four things to do if your dog won't eat:

1. Determine if there's been unusual stress in your dog's life.

Just as stress can make you feel out of sorts, it can do the same to dogs. If there has been a sudden upheaval in your dog's life, that could be causing their lack of appetite. A move to a new place, the death of another family pet, or even a child going away for college are all events that can stress your pet. If you think your dog has stopped eating due to emotional upset, continue to offer food and water on schedule. They may begin to eat when they get hungry enough.

2. Take note of any strange behavior.

Lack of appetite can be a sign of illness in dogs. Observe your pet's behavior, watching for anything out of the ordinary. If your dog vomits or experiences diarrhea, they may be suffering from a stomach bug. Whining, sleeping more than usual, and snapping or growling while being petted can also be signs of illness.

3. Take your dog to the vet.

If a couple days have passed and your dog still won't eat, it's time to schedule a trip to the vet's office. There may be an underlying cause that's inhibiting your pet's appetite. Anything from a toothache to a bowel obstruction could be causing your dog's unusual behavior. Veterinarians will be able to thoroughly examine your dog and diagnose the real problem.

4. Encourage your dog to eat.

If your vet determines there's nothing medically wrong with your dog, you should take steps to encourage them to eat. Try switching to a new dog food or mixing small bits of a high value treat, such as chicken breast, into your dog's food. If they don't eat, take the food away and try offering it again at a later time. If another pet is stealing your dog's food, try to feed them in separate locations at the same time. Do your best to make mealtime a relaxing experience for your pet, and they may begin to eat again.


27 May 2019

Finding Help Early

For years, I wanted to fill my home with happy animals. When I got married, my spouse wanted a pet just as much as I did, and it was great to start looking for pets together. We were able to find a rescue animal who worked well with our budget and our lifestyle, and it was neat to give that sweet animal a home. However, after we brought the pet into our home, we realized that he needed some medical care. We turned to a veterinarian for advice on his medical health, and we worked on getting him completely vaccinated. Check out this blog for more information on finding help early.