Important Questions To Have Answered When Choosing A New Veterinarian For Your Dog


Are you looking for a new veterinarian to care for your dog in the coming years? Here are a few important questions to ask when choosing a vet to work with.

What Kinds of Animals Do You Care For?

It's important to find out what types of animals prospective veterinarians care for to ensure that they have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide your dog with proper care as it ages. While many veterinarians care for a balanced mix of dogs and cats, some may focus more of their attention on farm animals or exotic animals, such as snakes and geckos.

You should make sure that the veterinarian you choose for your dog cares primarily for dogs or at least cares for just as many dogs as they do other types of animals. This will help ensure that your veterinarian has the time and drive to stay up to date on the latest care practices and treatments for dogs, as they won't have to split their focus so much on the care of other types of animals.

What Credentials Does Your Staff Have?

It is also important to find out what credentials a veterinarian's staff has before deciding whether or not to choose them as your dog's primary healthcare provider. While the desk clerk may not have any veterinarian credentials, the vet techs and assistants certainly should. Everyone working on your veterinarian's healthcare team should have earned a degree in the field and at least be in school if not working on a post-graduate residency.

Ask prospective veterinarians to provide you with a list of credentials that each person on their staff has so you know exactly who will be caring for your dog. This will allow you to decide which team will be most likely to provide your dog with the care they need and deserve as they go through life.

How Does Appointment Scheduling Work?

It is also a good idea to find out how appointment scheduling works before deciding to work with a particular veterinarian. How much notice will the veterinarian need when scheduling a check up? How are emergency situations taken care of? Is care available outside of regular business hours when necessary?

Does the veterinarian work with another vet or animal hospital where they can refer you if your dog needs care when the veterinarian is not available? Add these questions to a list of your own and make sure each prospective veterinarian you consider working with answers each one before deciding who you want to work with long-term.


16 November 2018

Finding Help Early

For years, I wanted to fill my home with happy animals. When I got married, my spouse wanted a pet just as much as I did, and it was great to start looking for pets together. We were able to find a rescue animal who worked well with our budget and our lifestyle, and it was neat to give that sweet animal a home. However, after we brought the pet into our home, we realized that he needed some medical care. We turned to a veterinarian for advice on his medical health, and we worked on getting him completely vaccinated. Check out this blog for more information on finding help early.