Chronic Disease And Serious Injury: Facing The Choice Of Compassionate Euthanasia


If your pet has been struggling with health issues or has sustained a serious injury, you have two or three choices ahead of you. You could choose to treat the illness or injury, you could choose not to treat it, or you could choose to put your pet to sleep with euthanasia. Facing this decision as a pet owner is challenging, especially when you are feeling emotional or overwhelmed. If you are not sure if putting your pet to sleep is the right choice, take the following considerations into account.

What are your abilities to provide care?

Some injuries require many surgeries. Some illnesses require expensive medication and rehabilitation. As a pet owner, you need to be available to administer medications, provide specially-prepared food, and make sure your pet is healing well. If you work full-time and are not able to provide the rehabilitative or ongoing care your pet needs in order to recover and be happy and mobile, you both will suffer needlessly. If you can hire someone to care for your pet full-time while you work, or if you are a stay-at-home parent or work-at-home employee, you might be able to give your pet the medical attention they require. 

Can you afford ongoing treatment?

Medical treatment for pets can be costly. If you have pet insurance, these procedures can be fully or partially covered. If you do not have insurance, however, and if you have no method of covering the cost of treatment with short-term loans or other dependable credit, you might choose not to treat your pet's illness or injury. Non-treatment, of course, means that illness is allowed to progress, which can be painful or traumatic for an animal. If you cannot afford ongoing treatments and surgeries, you might consider euthanasia as a compassionate option for both your pet and yourself. 

What will your pet's quality of life be like?

Finally, even if you have time and money to nurse your pet, you must consider the needs and desires of your faithful friend. Some injuries will cause ongoing pain, and some illnesses are terminal. Even with treatment to manage symptoms, your animal could spend months or even years in a lot of pain and discomfort. Some dogs and cats can lose weight and even start to shed their coats because of the stress of living with chronic pain. Sometimes, they could lose muscle and nerve control, which makes them clumsy. They could lose control of their bowels, become blind, or lose their hearing.  It may be kinder, even if it harder for you, to allow your pet to pass peacefully before the worst of their condition occurs. 

For more information about pet euthanasia, contact a vet at a clinic like Sepulveda Animal Hospital.


6 November 2018

Finding Help Early

For years, I wanted to fill my home with happy animals. When I got married, my spouse wanted a pet just as much as I did, and it was great to start looking for pets together. We were able to find a rescue animal who worked well with our budget and our lifestyle, and it was neat to give that sweet animal a home. However, after we brought the pet into our home, we realized that he needed some medical care. We turned to a veterinarian for advice on his medical health, and we worked on getting him completely vaccinated. Check out this blog for more information on finding help early.